Terms & Conditions

Firescout is a website dedicated to promote fire safety by highlighting examples of bad fire safety practice and explaining the reasons why these failings could be dangerous. Whilst Safelincs owns and operates the website, the site allows the public and fire fighters to publish pictures of bad examples. Safelincs will then assess the images for suitability and add comments and information about how the status could be improved. We encourage people to send informative and typical images but also outrageously dangerous or hilarious examples. However, please do not take risks when trying to take shots!

Firescout is NOT about name and shame! We will not publish the name of the businesses affected and will not allow images that could lead to the identification of the premises. We might pass the information to the fire services should we be notified of a particularly heavy or dangerous breach of fire safety regulations.

By sending us the images you confirm that you give us permission to publish the images on firescout. We reserve the right to blacken out sections of images and do not have to publish the images if we feel they are unsuitable.

We strongly encourage anyone spotting any breach of practice to either engage with the premises manager or to notify the local fire brigade.

Guidelines for the submission of photos:

  1. Never risk your safety when taking images
  2. Please do not send pictures that contain recognisable people
  3. Please do not send any security critical pictures