Frequently Asked Questions

Will my name be published?

This is entirely your choice. When a report is submitted you will be asked if you are happy to have your name published on the site. If you choose not to, the report will be published anonymously.

Will the company that was photographed be named?

No, Firescout is not designed to name and shame but is designed to increase awareness. We will not publish the name of the businesses affected and will not allow images that could lead to the identification of the premises.

Are you going to contact the company that was photographed?

No. We will not contact the company, however, if you feel there is a serious breach of fire safety, you should contact the fire service.

Will I get bombarded by emails from you?

No, you have the option to provide your email address when you submit your photos but this is not a requirement. If you do choose to supply your email address we will only use it to contact you should we hear relevant news about this particular case.